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Rebuilder Links

ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association)
Offers training opportunities, books, Gears Magazine, certifications, and seminars to further your rebuilding career. 

TRNI (Transmission Rebuilders Network International)
Offer books, tools, and online problems and fixes for rebuilders.* Think of it as the rebuilder information exchange. 
*yearly membership required for online problems and fixes.

Transmission Digest
Magazine for the transmission rebuilding industry.

Offers Sure CureT automatic transmission reconditioning kits, parts, and information. Catalog is also available.

TRANSGO Performance Shift Kits
Offers shift kits for your performance needs, answers to frequently asked questions, and listings of where to buy their products.

TCI Automotives Site
Offers a listing of all the dimensions for the different automatic transmissions.

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