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Transmission Video and Book Combos

We've combined the best resources to get you through your late model overdrive.

The technical manual is specific to your transmission and covers details on electrical components, updates, and the complete overhaul.

Our technical video is for the nonelectrical version of your transmission. It's a great step-by-step guide if you have little or no transmission experience. "A great combination for results!"

TIP: Be sure of what you need to repair! Electrically shifted transmissions have sensors and electrical components in the engine compartment that can affect how your transmission performs. Be sure to have a qualified shop test and confirm the electronics are working correctly, before any transmission overhaul.

Electronic Overdrives Rear Wheel Drive or 4 Wheel Drive
GM 4L80E GM 4L80E Book & 400 DVD $42
Chrysler A500/A518 Chrysler A500/A518 Book & 727 DVD $42


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