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Differential DVD

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Differential DVD
Featured Rebuilds:

  • GM 10 bolt -GM 10 Bolt 1955-64
  • GM 10 & 12 bolt posi
  • Dana 44, 60 & 70
  • Dana 44 & 60  Trak-Lok
  • Dana 60 & 70 Powr-Lok
  • Chrysler 8.25"
  • Chrysler  8 3/4
  • Chrysler 9.25
  • Toyota
  • Ford 7.5"
  • Ford 8.8"
  • Ford 8"
  • Ford 8 & 9 inch Limited Slip


Rebuilding Your Differential

120 Minutes
Tired of paying someone else to do your differential work? Watch as drive line expert Paul Zank takes you through nine of the most popular differential rebuilds all in one DVD!

Covered in great detail is disassembly, inspection, and the setup procedures for achieving a good pattern. You'll learn the different set up techniques for each unit and see the results as each shim is changed.

The rebuilding and ring and pinion installation basics covered in the DVD are universal to all differentials. The rebuilds you'll see in the video will be the same or similar to many models.

Click here to view a list and diagram of models that can be rebuilt from
the DVD.



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