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Transmission DVDs

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NEW! 4L60E Rebuilding DVDs

Automatic Transmission Rebuilding
130 minutes

Covered in detail on the 4L60E rebuilding DVD is:

  • Disassembly
  • Parts Inspection
  • Solenoid Testing
  • Valve Body ID
  • Valve Body Wear and Repair
  • Matching the Converter to Your Valve Body
  • Latest Upgrades and Fixes
  • Air Testing Clutch Packs
  • End Play and Torque Specs
  • Assembly Procedures
  • And Much More!
GM 4L60E (1993-2005) Transmission Rebuilding DVD $29.95

Technical manuals are also
available for many transmissions.

Discover how easy it is to get professional results and save money when you rebuild your
own automatic transmission.
90 Minutes

Drive line expert Paul Zank walks you through every detail of a complete rebuild. Watch as each piece is disassembled, inspected for wear, and reassembled. You'll quickly understand why these videos are considered a top tool for training new mechanics. Each video includes tips for freeing stuck valves, air testing clutch packs, setting end play, bolt lengths, torque specifications, torque converter installation, oil filling procedures, and much more!

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING (in the continental US) on all DVDs!

Overdrives Rear Wheel or Four Wheel Drive
GM 4L60E
Transmission DVD $29.95
GM 700R4
Transmission DVD $29.95
GM 2004R Transmission DVD $29.95
Ford AOD Transmission DVD $29.95

Three Speed Automatics Rear Wheel or Four Wheel Drive
GM 350 Transmission DVD $29.95
GM 400 Transmission DVD $29.95
Ford C-6 Transmission DVD $29.95
Chrysler 727 Transmission DVD $29.95

Automatic Transmission Video and Manual Combos

We've combined the best resources to get you through your late
model overdrive. Check it out!


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